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Jagadguru Speaks

February 2018

Controlled Mind Leads to Lasting Welfare

January 2018

Dharma Alone the Cause for Happiness

December 2017

Your Happiness and Suffering Follow Your Actions Alone

November 2017

Means to a Peaceful Life

October 2017

Complete Surrender to the Lord Saves even a Sinner

September 2017

Remain Humble at All Times

August 2017

Shun Ego, Embrace Dharma

July 2017

Understand the Law of Karma and Act

June 2017

Wipe Out the Ego and Inherit Your Bliss

May 2017

Purify Mind to Ensure Your Welfare

April 2017


March 2017


February 2017

Jagadguru Speaks

January 2017

Jagadguru Speaks

December 2016

Jagadguru Speaks

November 2016

Worship with Unswerving Dedication

October 2016

Satisfaction, Basic for Happiness

September 2016

Be Discreet in Rendering Help

August 2016

Keep Sastra as Life's travel Guide

July 2016

Please Your Parents and Guru and Sanctify Your Pen

June 2016

Cultivate the Good, Avoid Mean Friends

May 2016

Sankara Shows the Right Path for Everybody

April 2016

Be Ever Intent toHelp

March 2016

Dedicate Your ActionsTo God And Excel

February 2016

Shed Anger, Help Others And Ennoble Your Life

January 2016

Altruism Is PersonallyRewarding Too

December 2015

Regular Study of GitaSteadies The Mind

November 2015

Selfless Help EnhancesSpiritual Growth

October 2015

Let Bhagavad Gita BeYour Lifes Guide

September 2015

Remove Ignorance AndReach God

August 2015

Devotion To God Is The Best Form Of Prayer

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